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Posted by Jon on 6 December 2015 | Comments

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We know some of you are highly experienced web developers, while others are just starting out. Regardless of where you are in your career, we all have something in common. Every one of us is trying to keep up to date; to learn the next big thing. Web design doesn't stay still for a moment. From HTML to PHP to AngularJS there are always new techniques and technologies being developed.

And that's just what's under the hood. Design styles grow and mature too. Clients' requirements change with fads and fashions. You're learning and adapting all the time. That's why we've decided in this post to highlight some great, free, online learning tools to help you keep up and maintain your edge.

If you are new to web design, why not check out Khan Academy? They offer a series of introductory courses to help you nail the basics.

If you've got a bit more experience, try Coursera. They've a great selection of modules with video lectures, supplemental reading and assignments on a huge range of topics. Coming up in the next few days is enrollment for "Responsive web design" by the University of London. Or maybe you want to move into AngularJS or Ruby on Rails.

Perhaps your keen to branch out into backend design or even data analytics? Stanford offer a machine learning module through Coursera. Who knows, maybe one of these courses might even give you inspiration for a project like Screenlab?


Happy learning.

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