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Entertainment websites cover a wide range of different topics and styles, but they typically have one thing in common: they all present content for users, with top picks, recent additions and an archive of older content. In this blog we are going to look a little harder at how these sites are designed.

ent graph3
Entertainment metrics (larger bubble is higher impact)

Entertainment sites tend to be middling simplicity and high impact. These are common design ideas: too complex and users are put off, too simple and there isn’t enough content to keep their attention. The high impact design gets the users attention on promoted or new content.

Flow and balance is another matter entirely. Popular entertainment sites cover a huge range of design styles. Some balance their home pages with several high impact areas spread out whilst others tie high impact areas together so the users gaze travels smoothly from one to another.

Hotspots on a popular entertainment website
Grayscale heatmap of one popular entertainment site

Hotspots on a second popular entertainment website
Grayscale heatmap of another popular entertainment site

Both these sites are highly popular and attract huge numbers of visitors. For entertainment sites the key design choice appears to be high impact to grab the users attention and direct it at the latest content.

Of course, websites are dynamic entities. Next time, we take a look at how designers adapt sites to changing circumstances.

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