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Is this the world's ugliest colour?

Posted by Tim on 16 June 2016 | Comments

We've been working quite a bit recently on colour analysis and adding colour psychology data to ScreenLab scans. So, we were interested to run across this video. Australian researchers think they've found "the...

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Cognitive Psychology for UX

Posted by Jon on 9 March 2016 | Comments

Colours and contrast are important, but our brains also excel at pattern recognition. That's why ScreenLab takes into account how we see the whole screen, not just component parts. When designing websites we can...

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Building your skills

Posted by Jon on 6 December 2015 | Comments

We know some of you are highly experienced web developers, while others are just starting out. Regardless of where you are in your career, we all have something in common. Every one of...

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Linux Distro Websites

Posted by Jon on 19 June 2015 | Comments

There's been a lot of discussion recently about the ease of use of websites for linux distributions, particularly Debian. We thought we'd take a look at how the top linux distributions design their...

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Changing times

Posted by Jon on 25 April 2014 | Comments

Websites are dynamic entities. News websites in particular have to respond to changing events. In today’s blog we take a closer look at how their design shifts when major events take place. As we...

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Entertainment websites

Posted by Jon on 13 April 2014 | Comments

Entertainment websites cover a wide range of different topics and styles, but they typically have one thing in common: they all present content for users, with top picks, recent additions and an archive...

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Successful web design

Posted by Jon on 2 April 2014 | Comments

In this week’s post we’re going to take a look at what ScreenLab can tell us about the design and layout of successful websites. Using data from Quantcast we’ve analysed the most popular US...

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