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Why AlphaGo's Victory Over Lee Se-dol Matters

Posted by Jon on 12 March 2016 | Comments

It has been announced that Google's AlphaGo has beaten Go master player Lee Se-dol 3-0. We know computers can beat human's at lots of games. Deep Blue managed (just) to beat chess world...

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OpenCV Version 3.0 Released

Posted by Jon on 5 June 2015 | Comments

The OpenCV computer vision library is at the heart of the ScreenLab engine. The OpenCV team have just released version 3.0 with improvements to speed, new algorithms and expanded features. For the next few...

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Changing times

Posted by Jon on 25 April 2014 | Comments

Websites are dynamic entities. News websites in particular have to respond to changing events. In today’s blog we take a closer look at how their design shifts when major events take place. As we...

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